Friday, 27 February 2009

Derma Juv Wrinkle Treatment System

It was a few months back when I had traveled to my hometown to visit with my mother for
Mother's Day when it hit me. We were having lunch with some of my Mother's friends when
someone said "I still feel like I am 18 years old, it's only the mirror that reminds
me of my age � sometimes I just wish I could push a button and look like I did back then".
Then that it occurred to me that this woman was not alone. In fact, most people feel
the exact same way. Well that was it for me, I was on a search to help my Mother and
her friends find that "Easy Button", a magical product that could instantly bring
back the skin tone of their youth.

I figured that in this day and age, with technology being what it is, it could not
be that hard to find a product that delivered the results that I was looking for instantly.
Boy was I wrong. I must have tried at least 20 products. To my dismay, most of the creams
or serums I tried had little to no effect at all. I did come across a few products
that gave the results I was looking for, however the product was either so uncomfortable
on my skin that I could not use it regularly, or the results simply vanished after only
a few hours. Then I discovered Dermajuv. Scientists at Dermajuv have actually created
an Instant Effect Lifting Serum that instantly lifts the skin and dramatically reduces even
the deepest of wrinkles�all in about 5 minutes.

I experienced no "skin tightening" sensation and no uncomfortable itching. My
first objective had been reached. The next step would be to find out how long this product
would actually deliver this level of results. Well after two weeks with zero signs of result
reduction I was convinced I had found the product I was looking for. It was then that
I decided to look into what exact ingredients this product contained.

The product of Dermajuv's that I fell in love with is their "Instant-effect Lifting
Serum". It is a molecular combination of two of the most powerful ingredients in
the age defying marketplace. Sesaflash and Matrixyl.

SesaFlash is an original patented molecular combination that has been selected following
the combination of the creator's expertise in pharmaceuticals, polymers and biology.
During its development, sensory perception screening tests were performed in their application
laboratories in order to select the most relevant molecular combinations. Without
the time or budget to continually get expensive injections or spa treatments to eliminate
wrinkles, today's men and women with unwanted wrinkles need an INSTANT solution with the
benefits of long term effects. What once seemed impossible has now become a reality,
thanks to the incorporation of new "tightening" agents in cosmetics. With these tightening
agents, the skin is smoothed and lifted in the blink of an eye. Literally.

Matrixyl is the trademark name for palmitoyl pentapeptide-3, one of the powerful peptide
molecules found in the latest generation of high-end anti wrinkle skin care products. This breakthrough ingredient stimulates collagen production in the skin and can even
give BOTOX� injections a run for their money in the anti wrinkle department. Matryxil
becomes even more effective when combined with other peptides.

Both of these ingredients actually had documented success with scientific research at leading
universities. Dermajuv's Instant Effect Lifting Serum has actually provided me with the "easy
button" that my mother and her friends had been in search of.

I have been using the product ever since and have never received so many compliments
about my appearance. I recently attended a reunion with some college friends and I
am proud to say that I looked years younger than my old classmates.

I strongly urge you to try this product. Whether you are just beginning to notice
the signs of aging or if your indications are more established, Dermajuv's Instant
Effect Lifting Serum is certainly the product for you. Click here for your very own "Easy Button".

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